The basic principal of this architectural office is the distance from a mediated reality and the rural production done with care for the materiality of objects, the intervention between objects and body and the necessary reincarnation of the subject as the ultimate reference of the legalization of architectural shapes. As it is foretold by the name of our office “Multiplicities” our endeavor as architects is not another representation of an architectural repertoire but a way to connect and correlate heterogeneous, uncorrelated forms. Our influence is based on a topological interpretation that brings together the inside with the outside ,the analysis with result.  Our success is directly related to the importance we place on their unique goals and objectives. Our buildings and spaces are designed to:

  • Meet the needs of each user in a functional and efficient manner;

  • Blend historical, geographical and architectural context while clearly reflecting the building’s designated and perceived purposes;

  • Promote sustainability and environmental responsibility; and 

  • Achieve budget and schedule objectives.

The firm is the follow up architectural firm of Ioannis Fakiris & Partners (IF&P), a full service architecture and interior design practice with a wide-ranging portfolio of projects including mid-size regional rehabilitation centers, large general hospital, boutique hotels, high-end housing complexes, private residences as well as commercial and public spaces.